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We are an independent 501c3 and so our official name, Massachusetts Center for the Book, Inc., is registered with IRS and with both the Secretary for the Commonwealth and Attorney General for Massachusetts, ensuring that we have claim to it.  So I'm speaking from someone else's experience here .... 

I recall in the early days of my association with the CfB network that the South Carolina Center for the Book called itself the Palmetto State Center for the Book BECAUSE another entity had prior claim to the name "South Carolina Center for the Book."  Eventually that claim either expired or was negotiated around (maybe Andersen knows?), but it did seem confusing, etc., and something to be avoided.  



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Someone before me registered “North Dakota Center for the Book” as a trade name with the office of the Secretary of State.  Apparently it has expired due to non-renewal (well, they didn’t have me as the contact for it…..)


So do any of you have Trade Names for your CftBs?  Is it worth going to register it?  Is it something required by the Library of Congress?



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