NLS Operations Alert


No. 20-48


DATE              :  July 27, 2020

TO                   :  Network Libraries

FROM             :  Kristen Fernekes, Head, Communications and Outreach Section

SUBJECT       :  Talking Book Topics July/August 2020 mailing


Last week, the large-print edition of Talking Book Topics (TBT) July/August issue was trucked to the multistate centers and was sent Free Matter to network libraries and patrons. Pandemic-related stresses on the US Postal Service might continue to delay some deliveries.


The Web Ordering Warehouse (WOW) on PICS now lists TBT July/August (CA5172) available to be ordered by network libraries requiring additional copies above their allotment arriving soon by USPS Free Matter.


Network libraries and patrons can also access HTML and PDF versions of TBT July/August on the NLS website. In the HTML version, patrons can click on the title of a book to access BARD (sign-in required), where they can download the book or add it to their wish list.


The audio version of TBT July/August is scheduled to be uploaded to BARD the first week of August. If patrons have subscribed to the audio version of TBT, this new issue will automatically be added to their BARD wish list. Those patrons receiving TBT through the Magazine on Cartridge (MOC) program are scheduled to receive their cartridges the second week of August. Cartridges might be subject to pandemic-related delays.


Thank you for continuing to help patrons who are experiencing problems with mail delivery in finding alternative ways to get TBT during these challenging times.


For more information, please contact:

Kristen Fernekes

Head, Communications and Outreach Section

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