A 150 with the qualifier (Imaginary place).  See: Wakanda (Africa : Imaginary place)

However, what I would do is delete the authority record and drop the name of the town from the bib record. Maybe add a note that the name of the town is fictitious.

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It would need to be a 650, I believe as it is “fictitious.”




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Our university press person asked me about a subject heading (for a geographic place) in the CIP block for a new book. The name in question is:


n  88194374
Kalikaha (Côte d'Ivoire)


The author of the new book had published an earlier work on this town back in 1998, prompting DLC to create the above authorized name.

It turns out this place name is a pseudonym; the author wanted to protect the villagers in the town where she does ethnographic research, so she uses a pseudonymous name (which is clearly stated in this new book).


My question: is it OK to have a pseudonymous geographic name in the name authority file? Should I just add a 670 field clarifying that this name is pseudonymous?



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