I agree with previous respondees who said that the existing NAR should be deleted, but I could accept an alternative of coding this NAR provisional and indicating in it that the name is pseudonymous for an actual village whose name is unknown.  However doing that could mean that there could be two NARs established for the same place, and that is certainly a no no.   So I think it's best to delete the NAR and go up a level to the country itself in the subject headings assigned to the work.

This is not an imaginary place, so I don't think it is appropriate to create a subject authority record for it.

Adam Schiff
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Subject: Re: pseudonymous geographic name heading
Regarding:  Kalikaha (Co╠éte d'Ivoire) [n  88194374 ]

I'm still not sure how to proceed. It's not really an "imaginary place" like Wakanda or Middle Earth.  It's a fake name for a real place,  a real individual village. But we don't know the real name. In fact the author wants that real name to be secret, so they don't suffer political repercussions.

Should the name authority record be deleted or edited? Does it really deserve a subject authority record as a fictitious place? Or maybe there shouldn't be any authority records at all for this?

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