OCLC Bib formats says to prefer a separate field for each unique term. The examples don’t cover your situation (with two terms not in any particular thesaurus) but since they specify “term” rather than vocabulary, I think OCLC is preferring
347 ## $bPDF
347 ## $bEPUB
rather than one 347 with two 347s.

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I have now a question about the use of $b when I have 2 encoding formats for the same bib record.

So far, with no examples in the bib formats (LC or OCLC), I've been using two 347, one for each format that I have. Then I realized that $b is repeatable. So, what it is "correct" then?

347 ## $bPDF
347 ## $bEPUB


347 ## $bPDF$bEPUB

Thanks for the guidance.

Keep safe



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