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If you're following the LC PCC PS to, then including both statements into one 502 would be out of bounds since all of the subfields are non-repeatable save for $g. My recommendation would be to use two 502s with a justification somewhere in the record.  The 245 would likely work since the info is on the t.p., but a 500 would too, as would a $g in the various 502s.

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Not often, but occasionally we have a dissertation for a degree granted by 2 universities in tandem, both universities will be mentioned on the title page.

in the Authority record we’ll add 2 373’s

f.i. oca12623439

670: Reformed and anabaptist dialogue on the imitation of Christ, 2019: $b t.p. (Jessica Renee Joustra, born in Glendale, California, United States. PhD dissertation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Fuller Theological Seminary)



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Two 502's, and an explanatory note?    SOTP


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Has anyone cataloged a dissertation that is submitted simultaneously to two institutions that have a cooperative arrangement?  There are two separate title pages for the two institutions.  I'm trying to determine the correct description.  The title is identical for both title pages, although of course the institution-related info. is different.  The 502 note would need to include both institutions.  Anyone have an example in OCLC?




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