Dear all,

I am working on a biography of Prof. Arlene G. Taylor. It will be published online in the Librarianship Studies & Information Technology, a blog of Library and Information Science.

Arlene G. Taylor (born December 22, 1941) is Professor Emerita from the School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, where she taught for 12 years prior to retiring, and holds an honorary appointment as a Distinguished Adjunct Professor at University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Science. Her career as a library school educator lasted more than 30 years, and included teaching at Columbia University and the University of Chicago.

If you had the opportunity of being associated with her, then I would be honored to receive your contribution honoring this great scholar with a short paper. In your write-up, you can describe some aspect of Arlene's life, works, or working, and its influence on other research and researchers, whether at the level of the individual, institution, or the field of librarianship with special reference to cataloging, metadata, and information organization. I want you to describe your opinions about and experiences with Dr. Taylor. The idea is that as in a Festschrift volume some articles are there about the life and works of the honoree, similarly, I would like to have such brief write-ups from you, which will be added in the biography. 


Salman Haider