Do you have enough content to produce a unique entry?
Editors are certainly agents contributing to the work.

If the resource-in-hand includes you have reason to think the included information is not true?
There are surely many scholars who have not built up big web presences.

My 2 cents is to give the benefit of the doubt and establish the name.

I was always told not to produce a conflict where none may exist. Do you know any conflicts exist between this name and the rest of the world?

Maybe just think about these things.
I look forward to hearing other POVs

Best wishes in your decision!

happy friday

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Uncertain identity--establish or not establish?

I had a question today that I donít recall being addressed in NACO training and that doesnít fall into RDA category that Iím aware of. I was asked by one of our catalogers to create an authority record for the editor of a book, but I wasnít able to find any information that corroborated the biographical description on the piece. As described there, this individual appears to be highly accomplished in their field in terms of publications, research, and service, but I couldnít find any trace of publications in discipline-specific databases, Scopus, etc., or any indication of a thesis at the institution specified in the biography. So Iím suspicious that this person is really who the biography says they are and am hesitant to establish this identity based on the available information. Iím still pretty new to contributing to authority records, so Iím really curious as to how more experienced catalogers would approach a situation like this.


Seth Huber

Technical Services Librarian/Head of Cataloging

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