Dear Collective Wisdom,

I'm looking at reports for school districts in La Paz County, Arizona, and creating name records for the districts that don't have one.  I found some reports for the same district in Yuma County with the same address.  Turns out that La Paz County was separated from Yuma County in 1983.  Since the school districts are usually differentiated by the County I'm wondering if I need to create a separate record for the district with Yuma County or if I can add Yuma County in a 410.  I'd prefer the 410 option to make everything show up together.
Here's an example:  Bouse Elementary School District

I can't find any instructions that deal with this particular problem.  Can anyone lend some guidance or point me toward instructions I missed?

Marilyn Howard
System & Metadata Librarian
Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records
State of Arizona Research Library
1919 W. Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85009
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