Dear Martin,

Now you're getting into the "PI" world -- per inquiry -- a
bottom-of-the-barrel direct marketing scheme from the 60s and later over
small market radio and television.

Columbia Special Products often would do them if the artist was theirs but
the "K-Tel" goods were often just disc dubs doone entirely sub rosa at some
small studio with no one bothering to consult copyright holders, etc. An Lp
would have a searchable matrix number but I don't think their were any on
the cassettes.

Not my field, of course, but proffered FYI if it helps.

Be well, and be of good cheer.



On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 10:12 PM Martin Fisher <[log in to unmask]>

> Once upon a way back yonder....also known as the 1970s....I picked up
> three cassette tapes that bore the AMIC or American Music International
> Corp. logo along with one that bore the UMC or Universal Music Corporation
> logo.  Two of the AMIC tapes are pirates, I assume, of legitimate CBS
> products.  One is "Marion Worth Sings Marty Robbins" originally released on
> Columbia and the other is Roy Hamilton's "You'll Never Walk Alone" which
> first came out on Epic.  The UMC tape is "Tangos And Such" by Ramon Morel
> and His Orchestra.  It's quite apparent from the look of the labels and
> packaging that all four of the tapes come from the same operation.
> The third AMIC tape is simply titled "Country Hits Volume 1" and contains
> the following roster of songs performed "not so shabbily" by two anonymous
> singers.
> Side 1
> Almost Persuaded-Male
> Break My Mind-Female
> A Loser's Cathedral-Male
> Flower Of Love-Male
> Take Me To Your World-Female
> Side 2
> Gentle On My Mind-Female
> Laura (Tell Me What He's Got That I Ain't Got)-Male
> You Mean All The World To Me-Male
> Singing My Song-Female
> True Grit-Male
> Would anyone happen to know if there was a legitimate release of this
> "Country Hits Volume 1" and who the singers might be?  The sound on the
> tape is rather deplorable, dropout notwithstanding.  Scans of the JCard and
> side 1 of the tape along with medium quality mp3 files of the entire tape
> are available via this link.
> If anyone knows the identity of these singers or the original LP release
> of this album, if there was one,  I'd be happy to obtain the information.
> Details of the outfit that released the knock off cassettes would be nice
> also.
> Thanks and Best!  :-)
> Martin

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