Hi Again Everyone...

Below is my compilation of known Ahbez TV appearances based in listings
from archival newspapers and TV/radio industry magazines. Someone suggested
last week that I put this on the listserv along with the radio listings
previously posted. I finally went through all my TV listings tonight and
here's what I came up with. Only the first listing has been confirmed and a
screener copy procured. Any help finding any one of these... well... let's
just say I'd worship the ground you walk on.



-June 1, 1948, “We the People,” in which Ahbez is interviewed next to Nat
“King” Cole, whereafter the King Cole Trio performs “Nature Boy” live.
There are also red carpet interviews with Ahbez and Cole attached to this
footage source. (CBS Television) *[Confirmed]*

-July 1, 1948, “Texaco Star Theater,” Milton Berle and co-host Henry
Youngman do a burlesque of “Nature Boy.” (NBC Television)

-May 19, 1950, “Sing It Again,” with Ahbez appearing as a “phantom voice.”

-June 4, 1950, listing from “Long Beach Press Telegram” newspaper for a
“Bill Anson's KLAC,” featuring Ahbez and a slew of other performers,
including Jack Powers who in 1950 recorded Ahbez's song “End of Desire.
They possibly do the song together. (Local L.A./Independent)

-June 21, 1950, Ahbez and others appear on a program titled “Fun in the
Sun” on KTTV in Los Angeles. (CBS)

-January 9, 1951, newspaper lists Ahbez TV show appearance as just “Peter
Potter,” which I would assume means that Potter was the host, and given
that Potter's only show in the 1950s was called “Juke Box Jury,” it is
pretty safe to assume that is the show in mention here. It features Ahbez
performing his own song “End of Desire.” (CBS)

-June 28, 1951, on a show called “You Asked for It” (hosted by Art Baker),
Hoagy Carmichael performs the Ahbez's song “Sacramento” (with Ahbez
introducing him). (DuMont Television Network)

-July 13, 1951, listing from “Lancaster Eagle Gazette” says Ahbez makes TV
debut on Art Baker's show. Probably the same as June 28, 1951 airing of
“You Asked for It.” A listing from “The Cincinnati Enquirer” has the show
airing July 16th.

-March 28, 1953, another “Juke Box Jury,” in which Ahbez is apparently
one-sixth of the jury or panel of judges, on KXNT-TV, channel 2. (CBS)

-December 6, 1953, Ahbez appears as guest judge on “Tin Panel Alley” on
KLAC-TV. (Local L.A./Independent)

-December 12, 1953, listing has Ahbez appearing as guest panelist on
“Platter Panel” (or “Platterpanel,” according to the listing), hosted by
Johnny Carson on KXNT. Frank DeVol, who arranged Nat “King” Cole's 1948
version of “Nature Boy” was apparently the emcee of this program before
Carson replaced him. (CBS)

-May 26, 1955, the Modernaires sing Ahbez's “Wine, Women and Gold” on the
“Bob Crosby Show.”

-Oct. 30, 1955, a show titled “Life Is What You Make It,” hosted by Bobby
Sargent (Sargeant?), features Ahbez singing a bit of his song “Real Gone
Yogi” and an extended interview with host Sargent. (CBS/Al Burton

-February 16, 1956, Oscar Levant's “Words About Music,” KXNT, another
talent show on which Ahbez performs one of his songs (unnamed in the
listing). (Local L.A./CBS)

-June 30, 1956, a show listed only as “Bill Balance” (presumably the host),
on KCOP-TV, features singer Kay Brown performing Ahbez's song “Runaway Boy”
(sometimes spelled “Run-away Boy”). (Local L.A./Independent)

-June, 1958, an episode of NBC's “Today Show” (exact date unknown) features
an interview with Ahbez and his wife Anna and son Zoma. (NBC)