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Date: Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 9:27 AM
Subject: News from Idaho
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Dear State Center Colleagues,

I am writing to share some news from Idaho.

ICB was founded in 1994 by Tom Trusky, a faculty member in English, at
Boise State University. In 2009 Tom nominated me (a faculty member in Art)
to succeed him; I was elected by the Advisory Board; and my workload was
slightly adjusted at that time to accommodate this responsibility.

I directed ICB for 11 years, and many good things were undertaken and
accomplished. However, institutional changes over the last three years
proved very adverse to ICB, and to me personally. The project was being
slowly starved of money, support and of my time (as I advised the L of C in
my last renewal application.)

This past summer I resigned from the University, and simultaneously worked
with the statewide Advisory Board to secure a new institutional home for
ICB. We were confident that we would succeed, and that ICB would thrive in
a new home.

However, a person in my University administration (whose identity is
unknown to me) reached out to someone at the Library of Congress (also
unknown to me.) I do not know what representations were made to the L of C,
since I was not privy to the conversation; but in the end, I was informed
by a Dean at my University that the affiliate status would remain with the
University; and not with the Director, nor the distinguished Advisory
Board, some of whom had served the project since its founding. None of us
were consulted, and the institution which recently sought to disable the
project now appears to own it. I have been advised that ICB will be
transferred to the University Library, and led by parties yet to be
identified, who were not selected by the Advisory Board.

So I am imposing on your time for two reasons. First, I suppose I must ask
you to remove my name from your list of contacts; and I am unable to offer
you another name.

Secondly, I would strongly suggest that the State Centers seek
clarification from the Library of Congress on how affiliate status works,
what minimum levels of support are required, and what the relationship
between State Centers and their host institutions is construed to be.

I wish you all luck and success in your very worthy endeavors.

Best regards, Stephanie

Stephanie Bacon
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Stephanie Bacon
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