Is there a link to the Center for the Book panel scheduled for Friday, Sept. 25, at 4ET so that we may spread the word to our Advisory Board and Center for the Book Friend's.

Also, It would be great if there was a graphic that we can post on our center's website and social media channels. 



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I have some recent news to convey.


We have new leadership at the Idaho Center for the Book at Boise State University:

Tracy Bicknell-Holms, Dean of the University's Albertsons Library

Cheryl Oestreicher, Associate Professor/Head Special Collections, and

Leslie Durham, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

I am happy to report that the Idaho CFB will continue to be housed at Boise State and that it will continue to promote the book arts and the scholarly study of books in addition to promoting book, reading, libraries and literacy.

Please welcome Tracy, Cheryl and Leslie.

--In other news:

I wish I could have joined the call last week but I am knee-deep in plans for the National Book Festival, which is less than a month away.

I am working on a program/live conversation for Friday, Sept. 25, at 4ET, with seven of your colleagues. (Maryland, Mass., Ind., R.I., Ill., Calif., Colo). These states were not chosen as examples of “best of” affiliate centers. I was looking for a representative sample of centers with various characteristics. I am hoping, if this works, that we can have more of these throughout the year with other centers. This will be targeted to libraries and teachers to let them know about the existence of the centers and the work they do.

Be assured that anyone who joins this conversation will be well aware that all states, DC, PR and USVI have centers that promote their literary heritage and literary activities in a variety of ways.

I will have more details about this as we get closer to the festival.

--Finally, thank you for your patience as we navigate the vagaries of an all-virtual NBF. I know information on the Roadmap to Reading virtual edition has been slow in coming. I have been told by our contractor, Decibel, that an email will go out tomorrow to all of you who have registered with them. If you did not register, you will not get this email. This is where to register, if you have not already:

This is a reminder from Decibel to please follow

this link
to provide the names, emails, and phone numbers for the key points of contact with whom we should work leading up to the Book Festival and who will also have access to your booth. We look forward to working with you. There are 11 centers that have not yet registered. (I know Idaho is just getting this news.)

Thank you,







Guy Lamolinara

Center for the Book

Center for Learning, Literacy and Engagement

Library of Congress