NLS Operations Alert

No. 20-55

DATE         :  August 24, 2020
TO             :  Network Libraries
FROM        :  Kristen Fernekes, Communications and Outreach Section
SUBJECT  :  No large-print issue of BBR September/October 2020 planned

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to delay the distribution of new hardcopy braille books. The pandemic has not halted the transcription of books into BRF files, and many new ebraille titles can be found on BARD through the "Recently added" books and magazines feature. However, these books are not yet available in hardcopy braille.

NLS intends to distribute these books in hardcopy to network libraries as soon as facilities reopen. As these items cannot currently be ordered in hardcopy, we will not be listing them in Braille Book Review. Therefore, we will not be releasing a large-print or HTML version of BBR for September/October 2020. We will release a braille version of BBR September/October 2020, but it will contain only the abridged descriptions of talking books released during this period. BRFs of this BBR issue will be available on BARD and the NLS website.

We ask that network libraries use whatever means that they have to communicate this to BBR large-print subscribers. We sincerely hope that this issue will be resolved soon and apologize for the continued inconvenience to our hardcopy braille readers.

Kristen Fernekes
Head, Communications and Outreach Section
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