Alma ain’t that smart.


The linkages Alma looks at concern those between bib record headings and 1XX and 4XX fields in authority records. The 5XXs are effectively ignored by Alma in this regard, as far as I know.



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Even if Jean de Meum’s work is a continuation of Guillaume de Lorris’ Roman de la rose, it is still his composition in terms of artistic conception, overall plot structure, leitmotifs, mood, tonality, etc. So, it still needs to be established as “Jean, de Meun, approximately 1240-approximately 1306. Roman de la rose”--distinct from Guillaume’s Roman de la rose.


If Molinet’s work is an adaptation of Jean’s work, as shown in the current AR (lccn no2017125570), then, the 500 reference is correct. If the name/title of Jean’s work had been established, our Voyager system would have shown “Auth/Ref” in the left column, instead of  “Reference.” Earlier I asked about how ALMA’s would handle such an “open-ended AR”: would ALMA flip over the related APPs and re-assign them under “Molinet, Jean--”? I was just curious.  


Thanks, Stephen, for casting the net of inquiry wider, to include Guillaume’s work.





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The authorities indicate that Jean, de Meun's work is a continuation of Guillaume, de Lorris' Roman de la Rose. There is an authority for "Jean, ... $t Roman de la Rose. $n Verses 4059-7230". If the Molinet work is related to these two earlier works, Guillaume's and Jean's, then the error is in the authority for Molinet's work. Its 500 should be for the full established title for Jean's extension of Guillaume's work, not just for "Jean, ... $t Roman de la Rose".




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I came across a situation in which a 5XX cross-reference was made to a 1XX heading that had not been established. See the following example (from PUL’s Voyager system):


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“Reference” here is equivalent to “See also reference,” which points to: Molinet, Jean, ǂd 1435-1507. ǂt Romant de la Rose moralisé (lccn no2017125570)—an adaption. As the following list shows, the title proper of the original work “$t Roman de la Rose [100]” is missing. Deleted by accident?


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BTW, I was just wondering how ALMA (which PUL is planning to migrate to within a few months) would deal with issues of this kind. Would ALMA be able to catch and flag them? Or they would simply go under the radar for who knows how long.





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