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Cancellation:  That's an interesting twist, but I think that in the final wash it's irrelevant.  The congress name is a legitimate, non-fictional access point presented on the published material.  The cancellation is important still, and should be noted in the 670.

Individual meeting record or general record:  My understanding is that the split between the two groups of records is one of seriality: congresses that are treated as serials are usually established under general authorities, while those cataloged as monographs receive individual authorities with numbers, dates, and places teased out where possible. 

Subfields:  111 2\ [meeting name]. $n ([number] : $d [date] : $c [place] : $g  [miscellaneous note])

$g is where one would note the cancellation.  The text supplied in MARC 21 Format for Authorities under X11 is "Projected, not held," but so long as the information is concise and correctly and succinctly conveys the information you should be golden.

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One of my colleagues is cataloging the proceedings of a meeting that was cancelled, namely the 14th instance of the Dutch symposium ‘Actuele Ontwikkelingen in het Familierecht’. The cancellation came after publication of the proceedings, which happens to mention only the number of the conference (14th), not the intended date (2020) and place (Utrecht, Netherlands).


Normally, we make a NAR for the particular instance when cataloging proceedings, but we’re not sure whether we should do so now, and if so, how we should code 111 $n, $d and $c.


Perhaps it would be better to make a NAR for the general conference (only a NAR for the 13th instance currently exists), and link to that in the BIB record, without using $n, $d and $c?




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