My 370 verification is still not working, but I'm not sure why.

Jay Shorten
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Co-ordinator, Oklahoma (Tornado) NACO Funnel
Co-owner, PERSNAME-L, the list about personal names in bibliographic and authority records
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Sent: August 11, 2020 11:34
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Subject: [PCCLIST] New authority toolkit version available

I have posted a new installer for the Connexion version of the authority toolkit at the usual place:<>

This version should fix the verification problem first reported last Friday.

This version contains several new and not-yet-official things. These are by default turned off. Please do not to turn on any options related to URIs until the addition of URIs has been approved by the appropriate authority. (Not me!)

Gary L. Strawn
Northwestern University Libraries
Northwestern University
1970 Campus Drive, Evanston IL 60208-2300
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office: 847/467-7240
storage facility: 847/467-4619
authority toolkit documentation:<>
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