Related to RX 8...are there any opinions of the new feature to deal with pitch fluctuations and how it might be relative to capstan? I am concerned about music passages with vibrato.
    On Sunday, September 13, 2020, 08:12:13 PM CDT, Tim Gillett <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  
 Hi Charles, Have you tried the suggestions around summing to mono? It
can work quite well, with few or no artifacts.


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 Richard and Lou,

 Thank you very much for the ideas.  You've given me back some hope
 these tapes. I was using RX7 spectral de-noise, but it was leaving
 much residual noise, and I couldn't push it further without losing 
 content and creating artifacts.  It seems I need to be a bit more 
 adventuresome in my experimentation.

 I have RX7 advanced, so the upgrade cost to 8 advanced is not too

 Will let you know if I am successful using what you have suggested.


 find some non-destructive ways of

 On 9/13/2020 1:48 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
 > Hi, Lou,
 > That is a good suggestion, but we already have an M-S thing going
 > as I explained in a previous email. All the noise is in the L-R 
 > channel which, unfortunately was mixed back into the quiet L+R
 > when the stereo was demodulated in the tuner to make the tape 
 > recording. So, the act of summing L + R from the tape will act to 
 > cancel out the noise, but the balance between L + R will need to be

 > tuned for minimum noise, as you know when you're trying to null 
 > things, 1-2 dB in level makes a big difference.
 > I haven't thought what subsequent M-S processing might do, but that

 > would put it back into L+R and L-R and might be another way of
 > at the same thing...just attenuating the S channel would work the
 > as summing, but the match is critical in either case.
 > Cheers,
 > Richard
 > On 2020-09-13 4:35 p.m., Lou Judson wrote:
 >> I wonder if an MS treament would help with multipath - EQ the side

 >> signal to reduce noise, bost the mid to compensate, then
recombine. I 
 >> don;t have a sample to try this on but it has worked for me for 
 >> stereo noise in the past.
 >> <L>
 >> Lou Judson
 >> Intuitive Audio
 >> 415-883-2689
 >>> On Sep 13, 2020, at 1:16 PM, Lou Judson <[log in to unmask]>
 >>> FM multipath? Good question. Have you tried it in mono? Mono-ing
 >>> receiver cleans it right up, but I don’t now about after it is 
 >>> recorded.
 Charles Reinsch
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