We got an inquiry at the U of North Texas as well, on account of our WNCN Memorabilia Collection. We also have Keynote, but alas, not the prior publication. We forwarded his question to the email we have for Matt Edwards.

If you're not familiar with the story of WNCN, it's striking to see the passion people still have for this station. There's still a tribute site here:

The station had an exceptionally motivated listeners' guild who helped change the station format back to classical after a brief shift to a rock format. From Wikipedia (

"The Listeners Guild continued its fight, and eventually forced a change back to classical music when an application was filed for the frequency by a new group headed by William Benton of the Encyclopædia Britannica. Starr relented, and in a negotiated settlement, sold the station to GAF Broadcasting.[9][10] WQIV signed off with "Funeral for a Friend" by Elton John. The station then played the last 2 notes of the last classical song on the original WNCN that were cut off, then said "sorry for the interruption". The first selection played on the air after the change back was from Bach's B-minor Mass, "Et resurrexit".[11]"

NYPL does have a wealth of WNCN interviews, just unfortunately not one with Bruno Maderna, but it may provide hints as to who was doing the interviewing around that time:


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I used to be friendly  one of their announcers whose name escapes me but
whose radio name was Matt Edwards.  It's been about 10 years since we've
been in touch.

Steve Smolian

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Fine one of the most frequent contributors or a staff member from the time
period and contact them. Some people of that sort kept programs since they
themselves participated in them and wanted the copies for their personal
archives. Any New Yorkers out there who can aid in identifying some likely

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> Hi Folks,
> A library patron is looking to see if anyone has print or scanned copies
of WNCN's Program Guide from 1972.  WNCN later published Keynote from
1977-1987, but that was preceded by their program guide seemingly just
titled "Program Guide" or "WNCN 104.3 FM program guide."
> Specifically, the researcher is trying to find an article and/or photo of
composer/conductor Bruno Maderna in that program guide.  Maderna guest
conducted the NY Phil in 1972.
> In their research on Maderna in NY, they have been in touch already with
the Rodgers & Hammerstein archives, NY public radio, and the NY Phil
archives.  Any other ideas?
> Thanks,
> Tim
> Timothy R. Williams
> Librarian
> Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh