Hello Theo,

I can't quite picture what you are currently doing or what you are trying to do with bf:role and ProvisionActivity.  Can you provide an example please?


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Subject: [BIBFRAME] bf:role question

In BIBFRAME, the property bf:role is used only with bf:Contribution.

We find we want to use bf:role with bf:ProvisionActivity (and its sub-classes) to clarify the roles of agents in the provision activities. Is there any possibility of extending the rdfs:domain to include bf:ProvisionActivity?

What we do now: add a note to the provision activity and use bf:provisionActivity/bf:note/rdfs:label to describe the role (with a bf:note/bf:noteType="role"); then we describe the agent of the provisionactivity as a contributor, allowing us to use bf:role and an LC relator IRI as its value. It seems like an awkward solution.



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