Hi Russ,

I worked at Fort Knox from 2012-2015 and we had this same problem. They wanted to set the temperature to 80 in the summer and 62 in the winter. Temperature shifts like that are really bad for paper and I had to gather evidence of this for our command. Fortunately, there's lots of guidance out there:

The Code of Federal Regulations has a section on Facility Standards for Records Storage Facilities. While it's specifically for the National Archives, it may still be useful:

I've always like the Northeast Document Conservation Center because it's well known and it's guidance is clear:,-relative-humidity,-light,-and-air-quality-basic-guidelines-for-preservation#:~:text=Authorities%20disagree%20on%20the%20ideal,and%20a%20maximum%20of%2050%25.

IFLA also has some guidance:

And there's even a NISO standard:

Hope this helps.

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