Dear all,

I use these 2 fields quite often in two different situations for ... disambiguation (and it's even harder to say!!)

First, as Laura points out, for an author who writes in wildly different disciplines, and
Second, when there are authors with similar names writing on the same topic.

For those with a familiarity with legal works ... think  "Chitty"!!!


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Dear Laura and All :

Hi -- no, in this case you were not dreaming (smile!).

Within the MARC Authority Format, the 672 and 673 fields are available and in use for just this purpose:

672 field<;!!K543PA!YW8UKEHwstWxIhQfvKr1ggasTCYZQf9qr2U1CwMo0A-IbbA0UFE0PhA5doG-E20GkXEO$> = Title related to the Entity

673 field<;!!K543PA!YW8UKEHwstWxIhQfvKr1ggasTCYZQf9qr2U1CwMo0A-IbbA0UFE0PhA5doG-E4h_riPW$> = Title not related to the Entity

Everett Allgood

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Kathie's point reminds me that I thought a new MARC field was proposed in which known titles associated with a person could be recorded. This would be especially helpful for authors who publish in more than one area. Did I dream this?


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> [...] And what if the information was not used by patrons?  Is it not useful for the catalogers who come after us??  Are we not users too?

I'm with you 100% on this. The more data there is in an authority record, the less likely it is that catalogers will confuse that person or corporate body with another with the same or a similar name. And as time goes on and more and more records are added to World Cat, I am more and more astonished by how often people with the same or a similar name can be found writing on the same or a similar topic in the same time period, even when the name at first blush would seem to be an unusual one. To say nothing of how often people with the same or a similar name who write on completely different topics, or lived at completely different times, nevertheless get confused by catalogers!

I do wish the lay users of library catalogs had direct access to this data. But they are still helped indirectly when catalogers get the right names attached to to the right resources, enabling them to find what they are looking for.

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