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Please forgive the duplication of this announcement via multiple lists.

The following announcement was just posted to the RSC website:

The draft agenda and briefing papers for the October 2020 RDA Steering Committee (RSC) meeting are now available. The final version of the agenda will be published just before the meeting begins, but the agenda is not expected to substantively change.

As previously announced, this will be a two-week virtual meeting (12-15 October and 20-23 October), which will use a mix of asynchronous and video meeting styles.

It is not possible to have observers at the asynchronous meetings due to software constraints. Outcomes from that portion of the meeting will be publicly reported as soon as practical.

However, the public session of the agenda will be discussed in a Zoom video call which will be open to observers. This call is scheduled for Thursday 15 October at 21:00 UTC/GMT (Wednesday 14 October at 5 pm EDT). It will be a two hour call. The RSC offers apologies to those for whom this is an inconvenient time; the group rotates calls throughout time zones to share the burden of middle-of-the-night calls. Outcomes will be publicly reported as soon as practical.

The topics for the public session are:

Please contact the RSC Secretary, Linda Barnhart at [log in to unmask] by 5 October to register to attend this video call.

The RSC does not publish the recordings of its meetings, which are captured for the purpose of creating accurate minutes. Best --  Linda
Linda Barnhart, Secretary, RDA Steering Committee
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