I can contribute my experience with storing 78s, Lps and tape in an
unheated attic in Minnesota, where winter temperatures often hover below
0F. Careful attention to position in shelves was important. Otherwise,
those materials survived with no apparent ill effects, as evidenced by the
subsequent half century of life after storage. As winter cold is dry, it
seemed most important to maintain a more-or-less constant temperature. An
dry unheated garage should offer satisfactory storage.


On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 4:22 AM Jon Samuels <[log in to unmask]>

> A friend of mine asked me a question I was unable to answer, so I thought
> I'd ask if anyone out there has any specific knowledge. He's storing
> shellac pressings, open reel tapes, CDRs and DATs in an unheated garage in
> the Northeast of the U. S. Temperatures in Winter can go below 0 degrees
> Fahrenheit, and are often in the single digits above 0. The materials are
> stored in heavy duty, sealed plastic boxes. Will any harm come to any of
> the materials by being stored in Winter in that environment? He
> currently has no other place to store this material. I'd like to give him
> some wise advice, if I can.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best,
> Jon Samuels

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