Right, and Mel Brooks poked fun at himself, as well as everyone else. 


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Oh, I think it could be made today in the right hands. Up until COVID closed down legitimate theatre, Book of Mormon was still going strong on Broadway. I’ve heard some rumblings from those of the faith, but there was no large outcry, as far as I know.

There are a lot of stand up comedians even today that make fun of their own heritage, and others as well, long as it is done with a smile, or a smirk. There can be a fine line between what is funny and what is offensive. Good writers know how to navigate those waters.


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> What about a movie like Blazing Saddles, where Mel Brooks used racial slurs to poke fun at the very people who made them? He got away with it because that movie took EVERYONE to the cleaners, without prejudice. I doubt that it could be made today. 
> Gary