These types of records sell well on line.  I usually call them "Ethnic Stereotypes."  

Without fuller cultural awareness, it's an easy step to feeling superior to our forefathers.   History is to be studied, not suppressed.

My 2 mills worth.

Steve Smolian

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Mel Brooks is probably the best descendent of George S Kaufman (with burlesque jokes added) who wrote a great deal of satire, but even he often went too far.

In 1927, his satire on war, Strike Up The Band died out of town, and didn’t become successful until three years later when his text was modified and softened by Morrie Ryskind. And three years after that, his satire on politics and Fascism, Let ‘Em Eat Cake was a bomb, hitting so close to home that it made people extremely uncomfortable and failed miserably.


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> Right, and Mel Brooks poked fun at himself, as well as everyone else. 
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