Hi Everyone,

I am trying to date a Pathe disc recording by Albert Alvarez, the Flower Song from Carmen. This recording was on an old LP produced by Henry Herrold in 1959, Herrold 5000, which also contained a bunch of Mapleson cylinders from Aida Favia-Artsay's collection. Aida gave a catalog number of 1664 for this record, but a recent reissue by Malibran says 1640. Malibran gives a date of 1905, but if 1640 is really the catalog number, a more likely date would seem to be 1903. I've checked various on-line references - DAHR, Kelly - without success, along with a private Alvarez CD sold on eBay, which gives 1640 as the catalog number and "1903 (?)" as the date.

1664 is the catalog number of another recording, Les boeufs by Dupont, included on both the eBay CD and Malibran.

Can anyone shed any light on the correct date and catalog number for this record?


Gary Galo
Audio Engineer Emeritus
The Crane School of Music
SUNY at Potsdam, NY 13676