Sure thing, Graham.  See private email.  Your 6.0 should work very well.  The 5.0 was all I could easily get at the time (maybe five years ago?), but I was very happy with the results.  I bought the stylus just so I could play these Victor Home Recording discs.

Sammy Jones

"Hello Sammy...

Could I possibly get a copy of that "lucky-strike-hour-jan-31-1933" from you?

I can't figure out how to download it from soundcloud and I would like to pick 
off the Happy Days opening and close as well as the Lucky Strike spot.

I recently had Expert Stylus in the UK make me a 6 mil stylus for playing those 
Victor Home Recordings with my Stanton 500 series cartridge and I'm getting 
excellent results with it.  I sent them an original Victor Home Recording 
stylus so they could get all the dimensions from it and the result that they 
sent me looks fabulous under my Binocular Microscope.

... Graham Newton"