Three questions:

1. I seem to recall a map plotting in colors various types of US State laws
related to the copyright laws for sound recordings. I can't find this at
the moment, does this ring any bells for people in the know?

2. Where do we find documentation for the rights of the sound engineer (or
interviewer) who is doing the recording? I see the copyright office
circular for sound recordings. Maybe I'm missing something.

3. Some states have only one party consent for telephone recording, meaning
only one party needs to be informed of the recording. Can anyone point me
to 1) case law where this is impacted by crossing a line with a party who
is in a two party state? 2) can anyone clarify for me the difference
between informed consent and copyright with respect to such recorded
conversations? That is, do both parties on the phone call have copyright to
the created work on the bases of their "performance"?

all the best,
- Hugh