Correction.  They are the same until I invoked the A=440 processing checkbox
which is part of the wow and flutter module.  Though both were well-centered
on my turntable when being dubbed, the program processed them a half tone
apart- and they are sequential in the same soundfile.  But the levels
between the two pressings differed before using it as well.  In this case, I
did not use the azimuth correction module so it couldn't be a factor.  So
this is a double-check caution when using the setting for pitch.  Glad I
caught it.






From: Steven Smolian [mailto:[log in to unmask]] 
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2020 8:48 PM
To: ARSC List
Subject: Columbia Puzzle


I dubbed my Columbia copy of Van Rooy's Beiden Greandiere, recorded
1-7/1906.  I also dubbed a second copy, this one on Star.  The matrix
numbers are, respectively, 30029-1-3 [M-100-1] and 30029-1-4.  


Imagine my surprise when I found the Columbia one was almost a half tone
higher than the one on Star, and the Star is about 2 db louder and is a bit


They are clearly the same take, with a late note in the piano in the same
place in both.  The Star label is pasted over a Columbia one. In the
interest of science, I dug through the Star label in search of the [M-100-1]
number there but couldn't find it.  


I then used the A-440 pitch setting and set it to zero wow or flutter
implementation in Izotope RX-8.  Same result.  


Has anyone a Columbia pressing of take 1-4 and, if so, does it have the M
number ?  Mine on the 1-3 copy is under the label just above the matrix


The diameter of the recoded surfaces appear identical, or so my index card
measurement tells me.  


What's going on here?


Steve Smolian