Actually, there were four,.  I wrote a long review piece on Klemperer's
Mendelssohn for Issue 5 which never appeared.  Another, even more minor
writer, had a piece scheduled for it as well, a fellow named Igor
Stravinsky.  I i=know this because Leonard Altman was my boss at his and my
day jobs, heading and schlepping the Serious Music Department at Leeds

I've no idea if the Stravinky article appeared elsewhere.

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Thanks to offline response this is now identified:

 "Listen: A Music Monthly".  There were five issues.  The first issue
appeared in December 1963.  They are oversized and sold on newstands.  They
sold very well and the editor (the late Leonard Altman) was approached by
the distributor who was impressed with its success.  He wanted to buy the
rights to the publication and the editor refused.  The distributor's
response was to refuse to distribute it; and that was the end of "Listen: A
Music Monthly".  
I wrote a substantial article, "Slander in Song" (subject: coon songs),  for
the first issue.  I am
Paul Charosh

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I am trying to identify and locate a music publication which had an article
about "coon songs" -


I THINK (no guarantee) I remember the following: 

  Oversize (perhaps Life/Look/Colliers etc. size or tabloid newspaper),

 on cheap paper (perhaps newsprint),

 very few issues then absorbed by one of the slick music magazines (High
Fidelity, HiFi Stereo Review),

 publication date PERHAPS late 1950's or into the 60's ???.


It may have name THE LISTENER or something like that (NOT to be confused
with UK BBC publication)


Hope someone can identify this, perhaps supply copy of the article.


Happy HEALTHY Thanksgiving!




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