Hi Marcia,

I presume that you're talking about reel-to-reel tapes. IMHO, I don't 
think it matters for long term storage. I still use 1/4' paper tap for 
hold down probably because I'm an old recording engineer & old habits 
are hard to break. ;-)  What is important (again, IMHO) is that there is 
about 6' of leader at both ends of the audio tape. The leader at the 
head of the tape protects the audio tape itself & the leader at the hub 
of the reel protects the audio tape from the hub (threading slots, etc.).

My $0.02


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 11/8/2020 11:59 AM, Marcia K. Segal wrote:
> Hello,
> Over the years I've heard various opinions about hold-down tape, retainers (either plastic or metal), and protective collars. Personally, I'm not a big fan of retainers -- too many ways this could go wrong without a flat wind in place, and if the retainers are removed incautiously. What is the current wisdom on this list (or variety of opinions)? I can see why you may want to use something while shipping reels but does it matter while they're in storage? Would you use retainers or collars for shipments, and remove them before storage?
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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