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Beware of the inexpensive sites because they are generally located in 
'server malls' that are typically owned by one company. The potential 
downside is that customization may not be available if it affects all of 
the other hosts. That said, I use Westhost because they own their own 
servers and are located in Salt Lake City, UT which, is a major internet 


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On 11/12/2020 2:05 PM, Burgess, Scott wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> This may have been discussed on this list before, but I can’t seem to dig it up so I’m asking anew: What site or service would you recommend for hosting a custom website for a media archive?
> Some background: we are currently digitizing a collection of interviews and radio pieces done by a colleague and we’re going to be creating a website to feature the results in some form or another. We will be tying it in to our collection of film ephemera (photos, posters, fliers, etc) and we want it to be database-driven so we can easily add other items or collections as we acquire or create them. Our university’s CMS is really not up to the task, so we’re looking outside. We’re collecting the data in Filemaker, so that presents some options. Also, I’m familiar with Past Perfect Online, which is great for physical objects but has a pretty clunky interface for playing back online media.
> I’m aware of the myriad of other issues involved with such an undertaking (IP and such) but for now we’re just considering our direction for hosting. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
> Respectfully yours,
> Scott Burgess
> P.S. Google is useless for this search: type in “archival website” or the like, and you get a zillion hits about archiving websites and nothing about websiting archives. Sigh.
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