Dick went through my files looking for these and found some which he borrowed.  Do you want to see them anyway?


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Columbia "ethnic" catalogs

Hi ARSCers,

I'm looking for Columbia dealer catalogs from roughly 1908 through 1923,
primarily "Discos Dobles" (the Spanish C series catalogs), any E series
numerical catalogs, or regional catalogs/supplements for specific countries
or ethnic groups. This list shows catalogs I have access to:

If you have any that aren't on the list could you let me know? Many look
the same but you can tell if they are different by the code printed at the
bottom of the inside cover or on the back. I'm looking in both
institutional and private collections. Leads are also welcome.

If there are catalogs from the missing years out there it would be very
helpful for a project we are working on
Please get in touch and we'll take it from there.


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