I am searching for the following records that feature Arv Garrison on electric guitar. If you have copies you wish to sell I would be interested, if not I would appreciate receiving sound files/music transfers of the music on the discs.

Vivian Garry Trio
Flying Home / Mop Mop					Premier 29006
Seven Come Eleven / I've Got To, That's All	Premier 29007

George Handy with the Vivian Garry Trio
Perdido / Handy Man						Studio & Artists K05

Vivian Garry Trio
How High The Moon						Jubilee 175A
Get You, Gertrude						Jubilee 203A
Prisoner Of Love						Jubilee 203B

Also looking for label scans of Sarco 103
Tonsilectomy / These Foolish Things			Sarco 103