NLS Operations Alert

No. 20-73

DATE         :   November 16, 2020
TO             :   Network Libraries
FROM        :   Meredith Beckhardt, Network Services Section
SUBJECT  :   PICS passwords reset in early December

In response to security requirements, all PICS passwords will need to be changed after Tuesday, December 8.

After December 8, a reset password request will appear on the screen the first time an account holder attempts to log in to PICS. Listed below are the parameters for new passwords:

1.    10 characters or more, consisting of the following mix:

a.    1 or more uppercase characters

b.    1 or more lowercase characters

c.     1 or more numeric keys

d.    1 or more symbol keys (excluding spaces, tabs, or non-printing keys)

2.    No repeated characters, including repeated letters that mix case (e.g., AA or Aa)

3.    Last 5 passwords cannot be re-used

Some other features include:

*       Accounts will be locked for 15 minutes after 5 unsuccessful tries on the same day.

*       Passwords will expire in 360 days, with a notification 7-day prior.

NLS recommends that each library designate a person before the switchover who will be responsible for creating new passwords for the PICS account(s) and communicating them to the staff.

For more information, contact:
Meredith Beckhardt
Network Services Section
(202) 329-7093 (cell)
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