Martin --

You will probably receive a wide range of recommendations from this list.
I too have had the same RME Fireface 800 and been very happy with it for
many years.
But it appears to have failed a second time, so I've moved on.

The only acceptable quality in your stated price range is probably a few
channels of Focusrite.  You can find used Firface 800's on e-Bay close to
your price range.

I have had successful dealings with numerous pro audio retailers over three
decades.  I can recommend Sweetwater for honesty, flexibility, reasonable
prices and commitment to follow up support.  (Disclaimer.  I once won a
very nice large-diaphragm, side-address condenser microphone in their
monthly promotional contests, now discontinued.)

FYI, I went with MOTU but lost a deal of flexibility found in a true
multi-channel rack like the 800.


Dave R

On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 8:14 AM Martin Fisher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hey Folks,
> It appears I'm in the market for an interface to replace a piece of legacy
> equipment which is "on the fritz"/"gives up it's useful life with the
> demise of Windows 7."  This unit would replace a Midiman Delta 10 X 10 with
> rack mount break out box for use on a second computer.  I'm looking for
> recommendations and am having a hard time making sense of the ads I'm
> seeing from most retailers who aim their information at the live music
> crowd.  I'd like to keep the price somewhere in the $700 and under range.
> Below is my short list of requirements and wants.  If anyone has any
> thoughts I'd be grateful to hear them.
> Although I usually cap projects at 24 Bit/96 kHz I'd like it to be capable
> of  24 Bit/192 kHz resolution
> 8 discreet level adjustable line inputs (mic/line capability is preferred
> but not essential)
> Would also be nice if all level controls and input jacks were front panel
> accessible
> I've been running a Fireface 800 on my main record computer for several
> years now with excellent results but this one doesn't have to be quite as
> high end.
> Thanks!  :-)
> Martin


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