Hi, Martin,

I'm going to take a different look at what you asked for. I would step 
back back the Fireface 800 to the secondary machine and purchase a 
Fireface UFX II as your main converter.

I bought a Fireface UFX in 2011 and in 2018 bought a UFX II. Now the two 
Firefaces can work when I need 16 channel ingest, effectively retiring 
my two RME Multiface II that were once my main ingest converters 
starting in 2002 or so.

If I were starting out today, I think I'd get the Fireface UFX II+ with 
MADI capability and connect my four Dragons to that and put a dedicated 
8-input converter on four reels and a dedicated 16-input on my 16-track 
and run that all in with MADI plus an 8-channel I/O box to insert 
NR...but that's at least 10 grand, but a dream system. The only patch 
bay might be on the converter feeding the NR so I can select which 
flavour of NR I have patched in, but based on my workflow, normally I'd 
have one Dolby 363, one Dolby 422, and my Telcom C4 unit attached to the 
eight channels.



On 2020-12-08 11:13 a.m., Martin Fisher wrote:
> Hey Folks,
> It appears I'm in the market for an interface to replace a piece of legacy equipment which is "on the fritz"/"gives up it's useful life with the demise of Windows 7."  This unit would replace a Midiman Delta 10 X 10 with rack mount break out box for use on a second computer.  I'm looking for recommendations and am having a hard time making sense of the ads I'm seeing from most retailers who aim their information at the live music crowd.  I'd like to keep the price somewhere in the $700 and under range.  Below is my short list of requirements and wants.  If anyone has any thoughts I'd be grateful to hear them.
> Although I usually cap projects at 24 Bit/96 kHz I'd like it to be capable of  24 Bit/192 kHz resolution
> 8 discreet level adjustable line inputs (mic/line capability is preferred but not essential)
> Would also be nice if all level controls and input jacks were front panel accessible
> I've been running a Fireface 800 on my main record computer for several years now with excellent results but this one doesn't have to be quite as high end.
> Thanks!  :-)
> Martin

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