Hi, All,

Apologies for cross posting. I'm not certain how much overlap there is 
between ARSC and IASA.

I have been contacted by someone in the UK asking if I could recover 
some flood-damaged data DAT (DDS-2) tapes. There are about a dozen 
cassettes. Before I confirmed he was from the UK, I already suggested 
Spec Brothers, but he would prefer someone in the UK or Europe due to 
shipping costs (but how will the UK/EU

These contain a "Retrospect" backup of all the files of a multitrack 
recording project. The flood occurred 20 years ago and the original 
2-inch reel tapes were deemed unsalvageable at that time and are no 
longer available. These DDS-2 tapes are the only surviving copy (if they 
have survived). I have filed two pictures of one of the cassettes here:

If any of you know of a person/firm who would like to have a go at this 
project, I can put them in touch with the owner.

I have already told him that this should have been addressed immediately 
and the 2-inch reels should have been the priority. I've also mentioned 
that I wasn't certain if these were MP or ME tapes, but there may be 
questions about moisture and the magnetic particles oxidizing. Then of 
course there is the issue of a Retrospect backup which could be one 
large file spread across the dozen or so tapes, implying that every tape 
must be recoverable to possibly get anything (I'm not certain of that, 
but I never felt comfortable with these large, segmented backup files.

Anyway, good luck to the person who steps up to do this. I would like to 
hear if these were recovered in the end, just for a frame of reference.



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