A member of the younger generation has asked about turntables and vinyl -
wonder what is currently available moderately priced with

reasonably good sound  ?????


noticed a couple of "Bluetooth" turntables (Sony, Audio-Technica - $150
price) which can connect to conventional audio system using built-in

preamp, and also directly to Bluetooth speaker/headphone devices.

  Some comments indicate using Bluetooth does NOT give

particularly pleasing sound (which was what many look for from vinyl).\  The
ability to connect to a Computer sound card and

transfer the recordings is attractive feature - have not read any comments
about how good that is.


Anyone have experience with these ????


What are the alternatives ???


If one were to buy an "audio system" that we used in the old days, one would
need turntable, cartridge, preamp, amp/receiver, speakers -

which would be a lot more expensive ???


Are there any good compact audio systems - all in one speakers, receiver,
turntable  ??


A primary requirement is the need for a tone arm/cartridge which does not
destroy the vinyl.


appreciate any information, suggestions.

THANKS! Thomas.