Hi Mickey,

You might want to try Filemaker Pro:

It ain't free (or cheap) but it will do the job & may import your DBASE 

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On 12/29/2020 10:20 AM, Mickey Clark wrote:
> Hello-I used to use DBASE to catalog my collection. When I moved away 
> from Windows XP, the DBASE program would no longer work and I started 
> using LibreOffice . The drawback of these newer programs is that they 
> do not maintain the native order of the file with separate index 
> files, rather every field sorted becomes the order of the file.
> I had a fire at my shop in which about 2/3 of my collection was lost. 
> As I replace copies of the records that were lost, I add "NC" which is 
> shorthand for new copy so that I am aware of the updated record.
> I still refer to my original DBASE file to see if I had a particular 
> record before the fire. These newer programs discard this valuable 
> information which has a negative effect on the catalog-Mickey Clark
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