Hi, Mickey,

Sorry about the fire. What a mess!

You could always enter a sequential serial number in another field and 
sort on that to get back to the original order. If you know the original 
order (from your dBase original), just do that. It may take a day or 
two, but it would solve your problem.

There might be a timestamp accessible for the newer added records, but I 
don't know if that is native to Libre Office or not. I use Libre Office 
and have for a decade,  but most of my "databases" are in a spreadsheet 
these days...I don't keep track of thousands of things, though I 
probably should.



On 2020-12-29 1:20 p.m., Mickey Clark wrote:
> Hello-I used to use DBASE to catalog my collection. When I moved away 
> from Windows XP, the DBASE program would no longer work and I started 
> using LibreOffice . The drawback of these newer programs is that they do 
> not maintain the native order of the file with separate index files, 
> rather every field sorted becomes the order of the file.
> I had a fire at my shop in which about 2/3 of my collection was lost. As 
> I replace copies of the records that were lost, I add "NC" which is 
> shorthand for new copy so that I am aware of the updated record.
> I still refer to my original DBASE file to see if I had a particular 
> record before the fire. These newer programs discard this valuable 
> information which has a negative effect on the catalog-Mickey Clark

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