Use your ears!

When I am unsure about which stylus is best, I will spend some time with 
a microscope & then, I will make three transfers; Above the wear, in the 
wear area & just below the wear area, avoiding the bottom of the groove. 
The styli that I typically use for this are 4mil, 3mil & 2mil. I will 
also try elliptical & conical & pick the best sounding transfer. When 
trying a stylus on a commercial disc, I will usually transfer about 30 
seconds & transfer the same 30 seconds for each stylus. For lacquers & 
other instantaneous discs, I will select a stylus based on my microscope 
observations in order play the disc or a section of ti as little as 



Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 12/1/2020 1:31 PM, Benjamin Roth-Aroni wrote:
> Thanks, but what about elliptical/conical/truncated, etc?
> Ben
> On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 4:12 PM Mickey Clark <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Ben-I would use a 3 mil. I don't have a 2.5, and 3.5 I reserve for early
>> electric Victors-Mickey
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>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Best width and configuration for a 1946 Victor 12" 78
>> Greetings,
>> Please tell me the Best width and configuration for a 1946 Victor 12"
>> 78rpm, specifically DM-899 (Dvorak's 5th with Iturbi and the Rochester
>> Phil) in good condition.
>> Thank you.
>> Ben Roth