Hi Lou,

Regarding your earlier comment about variations of cassettes and 
reel-to-reel tapes: When I was working as a recording engineer in the 
world of analog tape, I used to grumble about the lack of adherence to 
professional standards. Then, the 'home studio' craze sprang up and 
professional standards went out the window (No leaderded takes, no 
line-up tones, multiple speeds on the same roll of tape, etc.). In the 
last 20 years or so, I have been archiving material for people who have 
found old recordings in 'Grandmas' attic' and have come across 
everything, mostly the victim of very poor storage. Nowadays, I consider 
that to be a challenge.

IIRC, my first encounter with the 'Compact Cassette' was in the late 
1960's which, meant that the format was developed before that. Here is 
information from Wikipedia:Ā  
I was always amazed that the fidelity was as good as it was and it 
seemed to continually improve! Unlike the 4Tr. and 8Tr. formats which 
sounded bad from the get-go (IMHO).

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On 12/14/2020 11:22 AM, Lou Judson wrote:
> I just took a peek at that, and I see a very big problem: It shows the image of the cassette as purchased, but users will take the label/cover off and what is needed is a picture of the cassette itself without the wrapper!
> I only looked at one example.
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>> Hello, Kyle,
>> Maybe you can find this source helpful: Vintage Cassettes, <>
>> I hope that works for you.
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