On 12/20/2020 1:36 PM, Lou Judson wrote:

> Anyone use Bluetooth headphones for this? I use BT for casual listening to music and radio around the house, but never tried phones for transfer or ingest. I’m just curious, as if they sounded good enough it would eliminate the cord problem.
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Hello Lou...

When I was in hospital a while back, one of the guys in my ward let me try a 
pair of Monster "on ear" BT headphones and I was really taken with the sound 
quality.  I ordered a pair for myself.

The lack of cords is a great idea. You do have to plug them in to recharge... 
which reminds me, mine have been sitting on a shelf for quite a while, and I 
should take them out to recharge, they are probably next to dead right now!

I found them uncomfortable on my ears if I wore them for a long while... I wish 
I had an "over the ear" type that worked as well as these ones.

... Graham Newton

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