Hi All,

OK, I’m going to open up a can of worms here…………………

Most turntables have an anti-skate adjustment. Some do not & some have a 
counterweight suspended from a thread (which, is surprisingly accurate). 
I learned years ago that the anti-skate (A-S) adjustment should be 9 to 
11 % of the vertical tracking force (VTF).

Once the turntable is set up & with everything properly adjusted, my 
method has been to adjust the A-S by playing a blank disc (usually a 
lacquer) & set the A-S so that the tonearm tracks steadily in the middle 
of the disc. A slight drift towards the center is desirable but 
generally difficult to achieve. When digital recording became the norm, 
I began visually & audibly checking the fades for all of the material 
being transferred from disc to make sure the modulation is equal (unless 
it is intended otherwise). When I purchased my 1^st set of AES Coarse 
Groove Calibration discs, (AES-S001-064) I was pleasantly surprised to 
find a generous band of no modulation in the center of the discs 
although there is no mention that it is to be used for A-S adjustment.

I recently read that an easy way to adjust A-S is to adjust it so that 
the tone arm stays steady in the dead wax area of the record to be 
played. I tried this & found that when the tone arm is placed in the 
center of a blank disc, the tone arm travels to the outside of the disc.

So, what’s the correct adjustment? I thought I’d ask the experts on this 
forum: How do you adjust anti-skate? Do you use sophisticated 
measurement tools? Comments? Opinions?

Happy Holidays,


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering