My first decent on ear headphones back in the mid 70's were HD414's.
The response was smooth and way better than the cheaper headphones of
the day which  used 2" transistor radio type speakers for drivers,
but the only way to get a reasonable seal over the ears for good bass
response with the HD414's was to push the drivers harder against the
ears. I feel the later Sennheiser earphones which more surrounded the
ears, gave  a better seal and better bass response, making better use
of the excellent drivers.

I still have one original pair of HD414's  but after 45 years the
plastic diaphragms must have gone hard and brittle because there's now
very little bass response even when the drivers are pressed hard
against my ears. But for some reason I havent thrown them out!


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 That is interesting. The only ON ear phones I likeare the Senneiser
HD414, so deliscious and transparent.

 But Monster©? I avoid them like I avoid Behringer, for past
political reasons. Interesting to hear they made something good!

 Maybe I can use one of the little BT recevers I just got with the
414s… Hmm, got me thinking. That’s a good thing!~
 Lou Judson
 Intuitive Audio

 > On Dec 20, 2020, at 8:49 PM, Graham Newton
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 > Hello Lou...
 > When I was in hospital a while back, one of the guys in my ward let
me try a pair of Monster "on ear" BT headphones and I was really taken
with the sound quality. I ordered a pair for myself.
 > The lack of cords is a great idea. You do have to plug them in to
recharge... which reminds me, mine have been sitting on a shelf for
quite a while, and I should take them out to recharge, they are
probably next to dead right now!
 > I found them uncomfortable on my ears if I wore them for a long
while... I wish I had an "over the ear" type that worked as well as
these ones.
 > ... Graham Newton

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