Hello, one and all:

We almost made it through this mad year. Glad you’re all still around.

I’d appreciate some feedback to this issue directed to those of you who manage collections and archives and are tasked with preservation, acquisition, and/or “refinement” :

Is the importance of physical material in libraries and archives decreasing due to the surge in usage of digital files? 

Do you see a future when physical artifacts are no longer collected, archived, preserved, once they have been effectively digitized or otherwise electronically manifested?

And, finally, is this situation causing institutions to, at least, look more seriously at their archives and collections for their pertinence and relevance, thus causing a paring down or refocusing of their priorities?

Sorry to be long-winded, but thanks for any thoughts you might have.

Happy new year!


Stephen M.H. Braitman, ASA
Accredited Senior Appraiser of Music 
    Archives & Memorabilia
American Society of Appraisers