[log in to unmask]" align=left hspace=12 title="" v:shapes="Picture_x0020_1">From Policy to the Stars: The CassiOpeA Experience. CRIS implementation at University of Cassino and S.L. / D'Aguanno V., Scaramuzzino M., and Cavaliere R.; Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo, (2020)

Cassiopea, legendary queen of Ethiopia and one of the most characteristic and recognizable constellations of the northern night sky, is the name of the scientific research catalog for the University of Cassino: CassiOpeA - Cassino Open Archive. The poster, proposed by the University Library System, plays on this guiding role that the products of research, like stars, have in the scientific universe. All this at a particular moment, in which the constant growth of research products available in the institutional repository in OA mode and the full functioning of the validation flow gives us hope for an ever-greater sharing and reuse of scientific research results through Open Access.

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