RDA says to add elements for the number, date, and location of
the conference to the name "if applicable and readily ascertainable." That
doesn't ensure that each AAP will be as complete as possible, but it does
instruct us to record information for these three elements apart from what
appears in the name when we can easily do so.

There are cases where the conference name does not indicate an online
venue, e.g., "COCOON (Conference) (26th : 2020 : Online); and cases where a
redundant physical location is added to the RDA AAP, e.g., "Biennale di
Venezia  (29th : 1958 : Venice, Italy)".


On Fri, Dec 25, 2020 at 1:44 AM Ed M. Kazzimir <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I am creating an authority record for a webinar.  RDA states
> "If the conference, etc., was held online, record Online as the location."
> The example shows a name with "Electronic Conference on ..."
> I would think it is unnecessary to use this addition to name if the
> conference already includes wording that it is online, such as "Electronic
> Conference" or "Webinar".
> 111  2_ ABC Webinar ǂd (2020 : ǂc Online)
> What is the purpose for this?  Is this to aid users who are unable to read
> the language of the established name?  Is it to "fill out" the "(number :
> date : place)" qualifier for every conference as complete as possible?  Is
> it an aid to keyword searching on conferences so that someone can find all
> the conferences held online in conjunction with other search terms?
> Ed Kazzimir

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